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Electrical Panel Maintenance & Assessment

Why Hire Wilcox Electric for a Panel Maintenance & Assessment?

Is your electric panel safe and up to code? Check the quality of what you already have in your home and let us determine whether it is safe, and whether it is sufficient for future electrification expansion. It’s a great time to take advantage of this well-priced Electrical Panel Maintenance & Assessment - and feel safe in the priceless knowledge that your electrical system is safe and compliant.

Who Should Take Advantage of this Offer?

• Any property owner that has not had recent servicing on their electrical service panel
• New homeowners who may not know the age or condition of their service panel (including whether it was correctly installed)
• Anyone that plans to upgrade electrical usage in the home and needs more capacity
• Homeowners that want to receive tax incentive rewards* for adding the newest grade of energy-efficient appliances.

Invest $199 Now and Get a Bigger Return

*New Tax Incentives to Improve Energy Efficiency in Households are Forthcoming. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) provides tax incentives for several significant household expenditures to make your home more efficient and save you money. Some tax incentives are available now, and others will be rolling out in late 2023. Is your electric panel ready? 

PLAN NOW to take advantage of these upgrades. Does your electric panel have the capacity, both in space and available power, for additional circuits that may be required to power these energy-efficient upgrades?

Electrical Upgrades That Will Qualify for Tax Incentives:

• New Electric Panels or Electrical Services (Heavy-ups)

Dedicated Circuits for: 
• Electric Vehicle Chargers
• Heat Pump AC Units and Heaters
• Heat Pump Water Heaters
• Heat Pump Clothes Dryers
• Electric Stoves and Cooktops
• Home Battery Storage

What Is Included in This Offer?

Panel Assessment:

Perform a visual inspection of the panel to identify any electric code violations*. 

Perform an infrared scan of the electric panel. The infrared scan is an invaluable service that can be crucial for the safety of your home. An infrared scan along the length of a circuit can detect heat that may be caused by wiring problems beyond the termination point at the panel. The scan can detect overloaded circuits and/or damaged components along the circuit pathways. 

Panel Maintenance:

• Remove the panel cover and clean the electric panel.
• Apply anti-corrosion paste to aluminum conductors, if needed.
• Check all electrical connections and terminations and tighten them as needed.
• Resolve minor code violations or make recommendations/estimates for repair.
• Provide a written report of findings.

*What Electrical Code Violations Will We Look for and Correct?

• Loose wires or connections 
• Circuit breakers that do not match the panel manufacturer
• Over-fused circuit breakers 
• Double-tapped circuit breakers 
• Double-tapped neutral wires
• Two different-sized ground wires under a ground screw

Yes! I'd like Panel Maintenance and Assessment for just $199

Pricing: $199 for the main electrical panel (up to 200A).
For multiple panels and/or sub panels present:
$80 for additional 100A – 200A panel
$60 (for up to 60A subpanel)